Basic Chess Endings Book

Above book is for sale, contact me at 019-7013268, book is brand new however due to storage, you might expected slightly dust etc. (and don't expected "bau macam kedai")

Price is only RM45 including postage cost!

Review (from Amazon)

"This is the definitive work on the endgame, which all serious students of the game have been waiting for. It is a prodigious feat of chess scholarship, presented to the reader in clear, pithy language, full of telling phrases that will linger in the memory and rise to aid the harassed competitor just when he needs it most.... The authoritative reference work on the subject.... Reuben Fine's book is indispensable."

-- The New York Times

"Grandmaster Fine has done a brilliant piece of work. There is no doubt that it will receive the recognition of the entire chess world."

-- M. M. Botvinnik -- Review

Product Description

Basic Chess Endings, written by International Grandmaster Reuben Fine, is the most authoritative reference on the endgame. Serious students of the game find the work unmatched in its depth and range. Now, Grandmaster Pal Benko has revised this classic with the latest innovations in the endgame and adapted the book to algebraic notation. The result is what chess aficionados have been eagerly waiting for--a thoroughly modern bible on basic chess endings.

A handy guide for the practical player, Basic Chess Endings focuses on the aspects of the ending that occur most frequently in the course of play. With clear language, it reinforces knowledge of the standard position and tried-and-tested rules. Hundreds of diagrams make examples easy to follow. An indispensable reference for every chess player.


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