Kalu sotong ni predict perlawane dua pemain cator lagu mano??

Ambo ni buke nok cayo sangat bendo2 gini, sajo2 jah..ado jugok sotong buleh predict sapo buleh mene setiap game bolasepak worldcup....betul atau kebetulan?

kalu betul gak, mungkin maso nik lawe khai boon haghi tu, keno sughuh sotong ni predict...haha..kurafat...tapi jangan nafikan juga kebesaran Ilahi!

petike sebuoh website...

The great oracle octopus has chosen! Paul the Octopus decided on Tuesday in Oberhausen's Sea Life Aquarium Germany will lose to Spain in the semi-final of the FIFA World Cup. With two tanks side by side, each marked with appropriate flag colors representing Germany and Spain, the octopus ultimately picked Spain ignoring Germany all together.

It sounds silly to count on the decision of an octopus in the tank, but Paul the Octopus isn't like any other you've seen before. The only time Paul was wrong with his prediction was ahead of the Germany-Spain final at the 2008 European Championship. Paul had picked Germany to win but Spain prevailed 1-0. Maybe this time around, Paul will go with his octopus instincts and favor Spain.

Maybe they should have Paul predict whether LeBron James will be going to New York Knicks, that would be fun wouldn't it? He's good at predicting soccer but can he predict basketball? That is the question to ask!

Paul's predictions have been reported as flawless by CTV News. In the first round of play, he predicted German would be victorious over Australia and Ghana and the country's loss to Serbia and Paul was right on the money.

As a lover of animals, I asked my neighbor what she thought about Paul and his predictions. She said, "Any octopus that can predict the future is an octopus you need to listen to. The FIFA World Cup is an important even, hail the octopus!"


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